Our Mission

To educate India in order to eradicate poverty and corruption.

To support deserving students with scholarship to pursue their education.

To discover / develop the hidden talents of deserved students.

To create Self-Help-Group / Micro- Credit loans for deserving villages.

To develop leaders who can think and act independently.

These missions date back around 2000 years rooted deep in every Indian's heart and watered by the everyday happenings. The same old mission with a different Spirit this time. These may seem like a dream. Goals are nothing but dreams with deadlines. It may take 5 years, 10, a lifetime or even a 100, but our passion to perform is far greater. We have started to change ourselves in order to change the face of New India and surely We have reduced the space between We and can. We have our Static Friction to combat; We may take some time but We will Win. In short, its about Rising of a Nation by her own Children.