Help Age

 This program is about helping people in need. Between January 2003 and April 2006, We made donations to facilities in and around Chennai, amounting to Rs. 1,20,000. We have momentarily stalled this program to divert funds to our other programs that are aligned with education.

In Jan 2003 visited Kasam Orphanage, Vellore and gave sweaters to all the 300 children there. Total Expense Rs. 18,000 /-. During the closing months of 2003, We visited Sisu Bhavan, Vellore and gave them groceries. Total Expense Rs. 7000 /-. In 2004, we visited Blind School, Vellore and gave them 2 Ahuja Speakers & Mike. Total Expense Rs. 8000 /-.
On 30th Apr 2005, we visited Balamadir (T-Nagar), and gave them 491 TNPL notebooks, a philips tape-recorder and sweets. Total Expense Rs.8000/-. On May 2005, we visited Udhavum Ullangal (Aadampakkam) and gave uniforms to students. Total Expense Rs. 4800 /-.


On 25th Jun 2005, we visited Children Welfare Foundation ( Kolathor ) and gave uniforms. Total Expense Rs.5200 /-. On 10th July 2005, we visited Nalla Samaliyar Charitable Trust ( Villupuram ) and gave 100 kg rice and kitchen utensils. Total Expense Rs. 4509/-.  

On 27th Aug 2005, we visited Solomon Children's Home (Valasaravakam) and gave them grocery items. Total Expense Rs. 4235/-. On 31st Aug 2005, we visited Auronodayam ( Kolathor ) and gave them medicines. Total Expense Rs. 4560 /-. On 8th Oct 2005, we visited AIDS Home of Hope ( Chembakkam ) and gave them groceries. Total Expense Rs. 7200/-. On 10th Dec 2005, we visited Nethaji Mercy Home ( Velachery ) and gave them groceries. Total Expense Rs. 4717 /-. On 10th Dec 2005, we visited Smyrna Charitable Trust ( Rajakilpakkam ) and gave them Cooking utensils. Total Expense Rs. 5213/-.  

On 24th Dec 2005, we visited Kalaiselvi Karunalaiya ( Mugapair West ) and gave them Oxygen cylinder. Total Expense Rs. 7000 /-. On 24th Dec 2005, we visited On 13th Feb 2006, we visited Ondu Oraivida Palli ( Thiruvanainallur ) and gave them groceries and school uniforms. Total Expense Rs. 6869 /-. On 12th Mar 2006, we visited Bala Gurukulam( Ambattur ) and gave them Vaccination for chicken pox. Total Expense Rs. 6500 /-.  

On 19th Mar 2006, we visited Vivekananda Book Bank and gave them used books from Moore Market. Total Expense Rs. 3650 /-. On Apr 2006, we visited Bala Gurukulam and gave them groceries, medicine. Total Expense Rs. 10,000 /-