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 Scholarship for BDS Archana K. again gave 1.5 Lakhs 

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Rehabilitation Kit

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Pudhukottai & Thiruvarur


Rehabilitation Kit

Prepared Rehabilitation Kit worth around Rs.75000. This was delivered to around 100 families from Karaiyankadu village at Pudhukottai distri...

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Pudhukottai & Thiruvarur


Veterinary camp

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Tamil Nadu Village


Veterinary camp

SWF Trust Veterinary camp in sengamankalam, sanakkarai and oomathanadu village. Overall we served around 250 cows, 250 goats. 

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Tamil Nadu Village

Jan 10th 2003 -Started SWF Trust in VIT, Vellore

Oct 2005 - 1st Version Website

Jan 10th 2006 Registered as SWF Trust with Central Govt.

Feb 2006 Trust account in ICICI

Jul 2006 Tie up with a Software Company for Avvai Home Scholarship

Aug 15 2006 Starting up  of Vellore EICentre I

Aug 15 2006 Starting up of Villupuram EICentre II

Oct 2006 - 2nd Version Website

Mar 2007 - First Anniversary function at Chennai with Mr. Dr.G.VISWANATHAN :
Mr. G. Viswanathan, Chancellor of Vellore Institute of Technology along with Mr. Ranjith member of UNICEF and Mrs. Rajalakshmi secretary of Avvai Home appeared as Chief Guest in our 1st Anniversary function held in Chennai.

Jan 2008 - Payment Gateway Integeration

Aug 2008 - EICentre III setup in chennai kannagi Nagar. With Chief Guest Mrs. Rajalakshmi, Secretary of Avvai Home, We opened our 3rd EICentre at Kannagi Nagar, Chennai with 33 students.

Oct 2008 - 3rd Version Website

Jan 26th 2009 - We got a stall in Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore at the 25th Anniversary of VIT to showcase our actions in order to get more students as members.

Mar 2009  - Wrist band Fundraising campaign in India and USA

May 2009 - Educational Trip to Birla Guindy National Park, Birla Planetarium, Beach, Chennai : 
70 students from EICentre I - Vellore along with staffs and SWF members from Vellore came to Chennai by our Bus. 30 students from EICentre III - Chennai came by Van. We took the students to Guindy National Park, Birla Planetarium where they seen planets Movie, 3D, Science Demo etc., at last Beach. We provided breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for all the students and staffs.

May 2009 - sponsored Sharp Multimedia Projector and Sony Video cam from USA

Oct 2009 - T-Shirt fundraising campaign in India and USA

Nov 2009 - SWF Stall at Kansas, USA : SWF members from Kansas University,USA got a Stall on behalf of SWF Trust.

Dec 2009 - Ms. Kavitha from Kansas, USA on behalf of Asha Chapter for Education visited our EICentre III - Vellore and interacted with our staffs and students. She spend her time with our students question section. She was much satisfied with our efforts so far.

Jan 2010 - Started EICentre IV in Korkai Village 3 km from Cheyyar.

Mar 2010 - Met Commissioner of Income Tax for 80 G ( Tax Exemptions ). We got lifetime 80G exemption 

Apr 29 2010 - Charity Dinner : 

SWFians in USA presented our milestones and current progress.

Charity Dinner USA agreed to buy deserving things for our EIcentres worth $1000.

May 2010 - 4th Version Website

Jun 2010 -for Educational Trip of 84 Students : a Educational Trip for EICentre Students covering Mahabalipuram and Egmore Museum. 

Aug 2010 - SWF Office opened by Food King Sarath near Ashok Pillar.

Aug 2010 - French Interns

Sep 2010 -Bought Centre for Creative Leadership  Kit for Leadership Training.

Nov 2010 - 2 SWFians completed the CCL Train the Trainer course for teaching as part of the Rising Leader program. 

Sep 2011 - Educational Trip with sponsorship from Verizon : Educational Trip to Vandalor Zoo and Beach was arranged for 147 EICentre I - Vellore students. Of the total expense Rs. 24,500 /- Verizon VDSI- ISOP 2011 batch sponsored Rs.18,000 /-. Verizon volunteers too joined us for the trip.

Aug 2011 - New EICentre V at Menasi

Aug 2012 - Complete set of amar chitra katha and other books sets bought for EICentre

Sep 2012 - Educational Trip with German Exhibits and Snow World for 150 students.

Jan 2013 - Lumosity Brain Games for many years recharged subscription

Jan 2013 -  Mounika A 10th secured Dist top Rank from our EICentre

Arp 2013 - Audrey and Marion from France is with our NGO from 1st Apr 2013. They spend a day with Educating India Centre Vellore Students. On behalf of our Trust, We thank them for their efforts spend with our students.

May 03 2013 - India's Night of Inspiration : SWFian Ramesh V J attended India's Night of Inspiration which had His Excellency Governor of Tamil Nadu, Mrs. Latha Rajinikanth and Mr. Arindam Chowdhury.

May 2013 - HCL sponsored event in Balagurukulam

May 2013 - Isha yoga program for EICentre I

May 30 2013 - Educating India Centre I - Vellore Students took a challenge to plant 129 Tree Sampling on May 30th 2013 and pledged to take good care of it. Mr. L . Jai Sankar Head Master Govt Hr Sec School Mathanoor as Chief Guest.

Jun 2013 - 5th Version Website

Oct 2013 - Agastya Mobile Science Lab

Mar 2014 - Reportbee for Olcott and Avvai Home school

May 2014 - Trademark Registration 

Aug 15 2014 - New Office in Mogappair East opened by Paalam Iyaa Kalyanasundaram.

Mar 2015 - As part of tie up with Balagurukulam donated 1 lakh for a child's education fee.

Dec 2015 - For Chennai floods gave School Kit for 200 Boys and 200 Girl Students worth 1.5 lakhs and Rehabilitation Kit for 200 Chennai Flood Affected worth 4 lakhs.

Jan 2016 - Tie up with Guntur Subbiah School and gave scholarship of more than 50K.

Sep 2017 - Collected funds for Indhu's cancer treatment. Gave 3,21,000 to her husband.

Apr 2018 - For Ochi Cycle gave 88K to Save farmers for helping farmers and fishermen affected by it.

Jun 2018 - Collected funds for Indhu's cancer treatment. Gave 1,67,500 to her husband.

Oct 2018 - Scholarship for BDS Archana K. Gave 1.8 Lakhs

Nov 2018 - For Gaja Cyclone collected and served 1.9 lakhs

Dec 2018 - Phase 3 relief activity - Veterinary Camp @ 3 villages at Peravurani Taluk : SWF Trust received request from Sengamangalam village for veterinary camp as many cows and goats got hurt during the flood and few weren't feeling well. Our SWF Team along with the medical team reached the village and conducted the camp successfully. People from Sanakkarai and Oomathanadu village also got their pets and got benefited by this camp. Overall we served around 250 cows and 250 goats and all of them got their energy boosters too. SWF Team received awesome feedback from the village people and sent their heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you.

Dec 2018 - Phase 2 relief activity - Rehabilitation kit Activities:Prepared Rehabilitation Kit worth around Rs.75000 (Few items like emergency light and few things we planned couldn't be included). This was delivered to around 100 families from Karaiyankadu village at Pudhukottai district and Muthupettai Village at Thiruvarur district. Special thanks to all young and enthusiastic SWF members, volunteers and Rajesh & Ganesha Moorthy from Save Farmers Team for visiting the villages in person and ensuring it reaches the right hands.

Jan 22 2019 - Got 'Life Changer award' for social activities from Mr. R. Nallakannu, senior Communist Party of India at the event organized by Save Farmer   

Feb 10 2019 -  Scholarship for BDS Archana K. again gave 1.5 Lakhs

Mar 03 2019 - 6th Version Website