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We whole heartedly welcome you for various valuable roles like Teacher / Speaker / Writer / Listener / Explorer / Painter / Sports Trainer / Music Trainer / Yoga Trainer / Computer Trainer / Event Organizer / Giver / Fund Raiser / Communicator / Volunteer etc., in our mission to accomplish.


You cant find the meaning of your life in a dictionary. It has to be discovered by the way you give meaning to others life. We strongly believe that great things cant be done with External Force, which must be Internal. Thats why We dont motivate people, instead We inspire people.



Wanted Program Coordinators : We are not asking for another Gandhi or Buddha. We are asking for Program Coordinator with a fragrance of faith in our nation, who can think beyond his family and friends and can spare at least 3 days a month with us for the progress of our nation. You will be given freedom to choose your programs and plans for the chosen programs.


There are thousands hacking at the branch of the evil; We want to hack it at the roots with

your support. Let's give your heart and hand to make everything possible. We dont assure

you success, but We can assure you some Smiles of Unknown.


Every week Saturday 10 P.M ( IST ) members from different parts of the world join thru' skype for weekly conference call. If you would like to join us, please send us a mail to contact@socialwelfarefunds.org. The more We unite the less We fall.


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