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Whats our logo means ?
All in One and One in All


Scientific meaning: The whole universe is in Unified field and every electron of this

universe is made up of unified field.


Spiritual meaning: We are all inside Divine force and inside all of us Divine force exists.


What's the Blue & White color code implies ?

It's taken from Mother Teresa's saree color code.


What is the profit we are getting out of it ?
Some Smiles of Unknown.


What is our purpose of existence ?
To spread Education with a syllabus called 'Life' with absolutely no fee.


How do we believe you ?
We are trying our level best to make things as transparent as possible and we are trying to present the Truth without any added ingredients.


Does it means to contribute some money every month, if we become members ?
No, its up to you to contribute every month or once in 4 months or once in a year or without

it, as money contribution is not mandatory.


Does contribution means money alone ?
As we said earlier, money power in not a substitute for man power, its just a Subsidiary for man power, We whole heartily welcomes your valuable contributions with your priceless assets like volunteering Teaching / Exploring / Spreading info etc.,


Do we get involved in taking major actions ?
Sure, If you are free and like to join in our conference call, please join us in skype every Saturday 10:00 P.M IST. We decide only thru' discussion with those who really got interest.

We will send all the members a mail about our current action and our next step.


Do we forced to work hard, when we become members ?
Great things cant be done with external force which must be Internal, We dont force anyone; its up to you to select your role and responsibility.


I'm outside India, in what way I can contribute ?

If you are outside India, you can act as a volunteer in Fund Raising / Collecting Good Documentaries / Sharing Ur opinions / or anything you are good at. You can also spread the message about us to your friends in India, who can work in field if they wish.


Do we serve only to Tamil Nadu ?

No, Looking forward We will start more EICentres / Scholarship / Identifying Identity / Gramma Villa outside Tamil Nadu in different parts of India.


Do we serve for medical emergencies ?

No, as of now We are concentrating only Education.


What's New

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