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Why We need to Educate India ? Is She inferior ? No, She underestimates herself.

We want to dehypnotize herself thru' our EICentres. It's not Just a Centre. Its a

Center of Vibration, with which even the Future of India may dance in accordance

with it.


More than 25% of our population are not getting at least one meal a day even though

our nation stands second for producing food in the world - Report by UN. We want to

erase this statistics with Education thru' our EICentres.


We don't find any other day to dive into our mission to accomplish as our

"Independence Day". Yes We have opened the doors of our mind and 2 EICentres

on Aug 15th 2006. 3rd EICentre on Aug 15th 2008. 4th EICentre first step was taken

on Aug 15th 2009 and started running on Jan 10th 2010.


By means of EICentres, We rent individual houses / employ paid staffs with minimum qualification of a Degree / Dedicated Computer / Interesting Books / Visiting Volunteers

/ Visiting Chief Guest / Projector / Educational Trip / Conducting various Competitions / Documentaries on DVDs / etcs., in order to coach each and every student in Education /

Sports / Attitude / Interest etc., with absolutely no fee.


The general EICentres timings are Mon to Fri 6:00 P.M to 8:30 P.M and Saturday half a

day. The timing differs in some centres. We handpicked the students of Govt. Schools

having interest in studies and from unfortunate background from 6th to 10th but there

are some exceptions too due to their much interest in studies, We accept less than 6th

std too. Exact details of each EICentre are given under their respective page.

We wanted to strike the root of all Evil thru an axe called Education.


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